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Sedation Dentistry

We understand that you may feel a little nervous about seeing the dentist – or a lot! We are happy to offer sedation services that enable our patients to receive the high-quality care they need and deserve.

Sedation dentistry is a growing field in which dentists undergo training to utilize specific forms of sedative medication. Sedatives are medications that act safely and efficiently to calm anxiety and fear. So while patients treated with sedation are not “put under,” they feel calm and relaxed when they would otherwise be affected by the sounds and sights of the dental office.

Sedation during your dental visit can make it easy to complete multiple procedures in one day. It can reduce tension, which will have a positive effect on your treatment as well as your post-visit comfort. Sedation has also been said to enhance the effects of local anesthetic, maximizing comfort during treatment. Finally, a mild to moderate sedative has the power to ease a strong gag reflex, making everything from cleanings to restorative care simpler.

Our team is trained and experienced in the use of sedative medication. We are pleased to bring you dental care that enables you to have a positive experience.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Many people like the idea of tooth-colored fillings. While metal-free restorations are indeed more attractive, there are also health advantages that come from the selection of BPA free fillings.

  • More conservative process due to the minimal reduction of natural tooth structure
  • Restoration of strength through a precise bonding process
  • Stable material does not release toxic substances into the mouth
  • Resistant to corrosion and fractures
  • More attractive and natural-looking
  • Composite cures (hardens) more quickly than amalgam

Digital X-rays

We use a small sensor attached directly to a computer. It is faster because the x-rays are available immediately on the computer monitor, with no development step in between. Because the sensor is more sensitive than a conventional x-ray film, the amount of x-ray radiation is reduced by up to 80%.


With lasers, we can treat:

Tooth decay. Lasers remove decay within a tooth and prepare the surrounding enamel for receiving the filling. Lasers also “cure” or harden a filling.

Gum disease. Lasers are used to reshape gums and remove bacteria during periodontal procedures.

Biopsy or lesion removal. Lasers can remove a biopsy to be examined for cancer. Lasers also remove lesions in the mouth and relieve the pain of canker sores.